Premium features for mid-range prices

The Bell DLX is a slightly more expensive variation of the standard Qualifier helmet, the DLX presumably standing for ‘Deluxe’. This helmet is a fantastic mid-priced effort from Bell, a little on the pricier end for the mid-price range. But you do get a lot of lovely helmet for your buck. This is a round shaped helmet, with a feature set of things you’ll really appreciate on your daily ride. It comes with a comfy, inner lining with a tight fit, which feels plush for a helmet of this price range. The outer shell is a standard affair, with an ABS shell, that features a contoured shape to reduce wind noise. Does this work? It really does to an extent- I drive with ear-plugs, and wind noise only really becomes a factor at around 70mph. Up until then, buffeting is not an issue. And around town, it is quiet- especially if you have all the vents closed. The front chin vent seems to be the most noisy. This lid also has space for a Sena or Cardo Bluetooth headsets, with gaps in the lining and a removable side port to thread your wires. They tuck away nicely in the lining, and I really can’t feel them at all. There is ample space for the headphones.

Transitions® visor included

But now for the showstopper. All of the Qualifier DLX helmets come with a Transitions® light adaptive visor. Yup. Exactly like those fancy eye glasses that change the tint in stronger light. It adjusts from fully clear to almost fully black- the top end of this is very dark. This is the only helmet of its type with a Transitions® lens thrown in- which makes this helmet fantastic value. A anti-fog coating is not the greatest, but it holds up to everything except the coldest weather. The field of view is average, but one area that does stand out is the clarity of the visor. It’s very thick, so it feels like you are looking through glass, with no distortion. The Transitions® visor also means there is no need for a drop-in sun-visor, which saves on weight and reduces wind noise.

Vents everywhere

Yet another great shout from Bell on this one. Qualifiers have an total of four inlet vents on the front of the lid. Two small ones on the top of the head, and a wide brow vent on the front. Finally a large chin vent, that lets most of the air in and directs it onto the inside of the visor. On the back, we have two permanently open exhaust vents. Normally, helmets of this price range have a maximum of two vents, so it’s nice to get that extra ventilation.


Upgradeable safety

The Qualifier DLX comes in a few flavours, with some cheaper variations available for solid colours. There is a more expensive variations which comes with a MIPS liner. This is a fantastic safety feature, which aims to reduce the rotational forces applied during an impact, by allowing motion on

So, how good is it?

Great feature set and fit for the price. TheTransitions® visor gives you so much more versatility with this helmet. It’s a simple feature set, but everything has been very well considered, giving this helmet a premium fit and feel.

Review Period: 1500mls
Cost: £169.99-£209.99

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