High Quality

Because you build the perfect jacket in layers, the attention to detail and quality of materials is high. All KNOX armoured shirts come with Microlock armour.

Safer in a Crash

Because the armour is close to your skin, it does not shift in the event of an accident. This minimises the risk of painful rash, and ensures the armour covers fragile joints.

Adaptive Layering

This system allows you to layer up depending on the weather. Add a thermal layer when it’s cold. Swap the outer jacket without shelling out for more armour.


For when it gets nippy

Thermal mid layers. Let’s face it, it can get really cold. The KNOX layering system allows you to wear a thermal layer between your armour and outer jacket. Everyone knows that layering up is the best way to fight cold as it traps air pockets inside your jacket and keeps the warm.

Outer Jackets

Rugged but comfy. Outer jackets look simple with their classic style but are loaded with features to keep out the weather. Taped seams, durable and light with space-age fibres to protect your skin.

For Him


For Her

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